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Dear Valued Clients

After much consideration, speaking with my family, and reading more information on what other massage therapists are advising, I have decided to close my business temporarily starting today, March 18, 2020. This challenge is something many therapist are currently facing. I really wish I could have stayed with my original plan of staying open until the end of the month. After watching the live emergency meeting with our Mayor and council members, I believe it is in the best interest to the health of my clients, my family, and myself to close for now.

A mandatory lockdown has been mentioned. A date will be decided to give people enough time to make the proper preparations. As it will be advised by our city, please do not leave your homes unless it is necessary once the lockdown has taken effect. Only leave to go to locations such as groceries stores or to seek medical attention.

I want to thank my clients for the understanding of why I must cancel all appointments and why I will not be able to (re)schedule any appointments until further notice. Please understand, I did not want to close so soon and without warning. Unfortunately with what is going on lately, this has gotten more serious. From what I took from the meeting, the advice from my fellow massage therapists, and the statement made by ABMP (my insurance), this is the best option I can offer for the safety of everyone.

I will post updates when available and immediately inform everyone when I reopen my business. This is only temporary. During this time, I have planned to advance my educations by completing online CEU classes to offer more and improved treatments in my sessions. I will be reevaluating how my business is run and how I can improve both as a person and as a therapist.

Thank you for your time and understanding,

Mana’s Massage

Yvette Morales

LMT 108204

If you would like to help support our business during this temporary closure, gift certificate purchases or small donations are greatly appreciated!

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